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In 2009 he became passionate about Jazz and embarked on a three-year degree as a double bass player at the Turin Conservatory. 

Subsequently, driven by his enormous interest in improvised music, he continued his training as a trumpet player with which he obtained his second degree at the Conservatory. 


He then decides to deepen his compositional skills, completing in 2019 also the two-year postgraduate degree in "Jazz Disciplines", held by the department director Furio di Castri.


Once he has completed his studies at the Conservatory, he opens his vision towards new horizons with the aim of improving himself both on a compositional and technological level, so he decides to enroll for "Sound Design & Music Composition for Cinema, TV and Videogames" course at the "International School of Comics" in Turin, willing to be able to communicate his music by collaborating within media industry products of different types and from here, his course of study still continues.


Today Vittorio Vicari, in addition to the continuation of his studies always related to music and sound, has started his career as a composer by collaborating with some studios in the area including AION Collective, SOUNZONE and SHOTTIME Video Productions.

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